5 Simple Ways to Speed up Your PC

5 Simple Ways To Speed Your PC

A slow computer can be a very disappointing thing. When you have spent money on a system, and you are dealing with a lot of issues, it becomes frustration down the line. If you are dealing with a slowdown and you’re not sure what to do, perhaps you need to step back and learn a few simple tricks that will speed your computer up. Speeding up your PC will help you gain the upper hand in your system. The following are 5 simple ways that you can start to move your speed quota a bit more.

Look At The Startup You Have

The first thing that you need to do is look at what is running when your computer starts up. Starting up can be bad for your computer over time. In order to see this, look for “MSConfig” on your computer, and stop running everything at startup. There are some programs that you absolutely do not need. You don’t need to run through all the processes that you’re getting, you just don’t.

Clean Up Everything

When you’re not able to load a lot of pages, take time to clean things up a little. Cleaning things up is a lot easier to do than you think. Every major browser that you can use to move through pages, has a cache clear out. You can clear your browsing data, cookies, and internet files in any of the settings within internet browsers. From Chrome to Internet Explorer, this is an easy thing to do, and can help your computer speed up a bit.

Throw Away Programs

You have a lot of software installed on your computer. Make sure that you throw away all programs that you absolutely do not use. From the simple files to the video options, and many other options that are in place, make sure that you throw things away that you do not use. Otherwise, you are going to end up with a far slower computer than you’d like.

Turn On Automatic Updating

When you work within the world of computers, you will have updates you need to install. Make sure that you have them automatically updating. Do not forget this. You may find that your computer is slow because it’s running out of date software. From Windows to OSX, you need to update from time to time, and this will speed up your computer system with relative ease.

Upgrade Your Ram

The next thing that you need to do is simple, upgrade your RAM. Your computer may have RAM chips installed, but your motherboard may be able to get a swift upgrade. For instance, you could have a few chips that you can install straightway, and get double if not triple the speed. Most computers today can go from 2GB to 8GB and even 12GB of RAM. This could very well give you a serious push forward in terms of speed.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your computer runs fast, and without worry. These are simple things that you can do, so don’t worry too much.

iPad Vs Tablet

Considering The iPad VS Tablet- Which is for you?

There are a lot of different things that you can purchase in regards to mobile computing. You could purchase a smartphone, obviously, but the big thing today is not found in such a small solution. Instead, you’ll find tablets to be the big thing. There are those that prefer the option of an e-reader, but they are getting more and more versatile these days. You’ll find that the two big things to consider in terms of brands can be nailed down as the iPad and the tablet. These are two entities that represent MAC and PC so to speak, but it’s definitely worth exploring. Consider a few of the finer points that you should consider if you want to purchase an iPad or a tablet instead.

The iPad

First and foremost, consider the iPad. This is an important thing that you are going to love if you are already using the iPhone and a MacBook. The MacBook is a powerful computer that is absolutely grand. The iPhone is great too, but when you want a mix between the two, you’ll need to look into iPad. This is an important thing to consider overall. It’s taking the power of the OSX processor, and all the apps that you would normally use from the smartphone variety. The price tag is a bit much here, but what you get is a high resolution display, and battery that can last for weeks. Furthermore, you get the design and compatibility that comes with OSX (MAC). Whether you want to just surf the internet, read a few eBooks, or you want to work on something a bit more complex, you can do it with the iPad.


Let’s say that you don’t want to join the proverbial “Cult of Mac”, you can go with a tablet. These are found in a wide variety of different options. There are solutions from Amazon, Google, and even Microsoft in regards to this solution. They all do the same kind of work that you would expect from an Android device. Tablets range from the low end under $100 and to the high end of trying to replace laptops at several thousands of dollars. They are definitely grand, and can be great for introducing yourself or your children to tablets as a whole.

But Which One Would Be Better?

That’s the thing that is hard to define. Some people will swear by iPad. But tablets allow you to have a lot more versatility. If that matters to you, you’ll want to go with tablets. These allow you to expand memory, use the Android operating system, and connect with a variety of different PC elements. However, when you consider Apple, you’ll find that it is easier to pair your smartphone, laptop, and more within the Mac universe. It plays well with the iPhone and other options that are released from Apple. If you’re already going to be using Apple’s other devices, than the iPad is the best thing to consider. However, if you want more freedom, versatility, and don’t want to spend much, tablets work well on that end. Either way, tablets are great to use as middle of the road options between a phone and a laptop.

Top PC Desktops To Look Out For in 2016

Top PC Desktops To Look Out For

When it comes to computers today, you’re going to find that there are a lot of different choices that you can make. You’re going to find that the majority of people are looking for laptops and tablets more than anything else. However, there are still a lot of people that want to have desktop solutions. If you want to get the best in the business, expect to put down a lot of money to get a good computer. However, with your money, you will get some of the most powerful options in the industry right now. Whether you want something from gaming, or you want something for video editing, or beyond, you’ll find that the following are just some of the top PC desktops you can get right now (2016).

The Criteria

Before we get to the top PC desktops, consider the criteria used to choose the best. The following options were chosen because they have power, video, graphic elements, and much more. The power of the processor in place, mixed with the video card, and the RAM chips, are what really drives these powerful computers. These of course range in price, but they have a lot of elements to consider, and while this is a quick list, it’s definitely one to consider if you’re in the market for purchasing a computer today.

HP Envy Curved 34-A051

This is one of the most powerful computers that you can get right now. It’s a powerful computer that may only clock in at 2.8 GHZ, but it’s all about how it’s used. There’s a 12 GB ram setting here, and a curved computer monitor with incredible HD views. The graphics card, on board hard drive and so much more come through within this capsule as well, but you’ll find that under $2,000, this is quite the heavy hitter.

Dell Precision Tower 5810

Dell is still putting through a lot of great computers. They have this powerhouse for small business that comes through with resilience and versatility. This is an important release because it’s way under $2,000. This is a strong solution that comes with 3.1 GHZ of power. The secret to the success of this tower is the 32 GB of ram that comes equipped inside it. The powerful Quadro NVIDIA card is also incredible here, giving you a lot of bang for your buck.

Lenovo C40

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that you can work like a tablet, but sit on your desktop, this is a good solution. It’s not as fast as the previous ones, but with 8 GB standard, and a 1 TB hard drive, you will find that this is more than adequate in terms of pushing through anything you may want to work with. If you want to edit videos, create programs, or surf the web, you can definitely see this as a good overall choice.

There are a lot of other options to consider as well, including the Falcon Northwest Tiki Tower, InFocus Kangaroo Mobile Desktop, Digital Storm Slade Pro, Shuttle XPC Nano, and so many more. But the options above are definitely a positive solution.

Windows 10 Review

Windows 10 Review – Reasons You Should Be Using It

Millions of people are still wondering whether or not Windows 10 is worth updating. This is the upgrade that Microsoft has come up after Windows 8.1. If you didn’t like the previous iteration, you are going to love this. Microsoft has taken a lot of elements into this build that are absolute answers to what people didn’t like from the previous incarnation of the operating system. If you’re a Windows fan, this could very well be the biggest update you can get today.

A Faster Computer Experience

First and foremost, you’re going to find that Windows 10 is a faster computing experience. It’s been built from the past and created into something even more grand. It’s fast. It’s made with upgrades in mind, and if you go with the basic operating system, it will still perform fast on your computer. Whether you have an older machine or a new one, the system runs smoothly within the confines of several different RAM types.

The Bridge Between Tablet and Desktop

For those that are used to tablets, this is going to be a nice bridge between them and the desktop options you may want to pursue. The bridge here is definitely an easy transitional stage to consider. It’s something that will allow you to easily go through the different points of your daily routine, without missing a beat. This connects well with Microsoft Office 365 so that you don’t skip a beat between projects in any document you’re working on.  It’s also just as easy to run and regulate websites with Windows 10 as it was with Windows 7 and XP

Easier To Manage Programs

The framework of the operating system is in regards to easy movement through programs. Whether you want to run APPS or you want to run a full program, you can do so with relative ease. There’s a simple staging that has been done here so that you can manage your installations, and management across several different options. Whether you want to see what’s running, or you want to uninstall something, all the different points are easy to access, and manage.

The Return of Older Style Starting Points

The older style of Windows is back. People did not like the start menu from the past. It was difficult to manage, and some people said it was a “toy” operating option. To change things up, Windows 10 now looks a lot more like the Windows 7 start menu. If you like XP, there are even themes that will let you run the program with that visual element. Windows now looks like a return to the classic style that people are used to, but with new guts and programming.

Windows 10 is a premier solution. It’s a fast, easy to use option, and has a lot of upgrades from the previous iteration. As far as a review is concerned, this is a good push forward. Microsoft has live tiles, APP integration, seamless updates, and so much more. If you haven’t upgraded, this is definitely a good thing to move forward with. It’s a great solution for those that are looking at computing with Microsoft’s framework. It’s snappy, easy to use, runs light, and a complete upgrade from Windows 8.1.

WordPress For Beginners – Installation and Use For Network Marketing

WordPress For Beginners – Installation and Use For Network Marketing

When it comes to setting up a new website, you are going to want to look at how to do it with ease. The easiest way to get a site up and running, is to focus on using WordPress. This is a good solution that is going to pay off dividends if you utilize the right pieces. If you get web hosting, you can install this fast, and get working with the software. This is going to be the best way to set up a site within the notion of network marketing. The following will give you the right steps to get a site up and running for your affiliate needs.

1-Click Installation

The easiest way to work within this is to purchase a web hosting account. Then use a 1-click installation button to ensure that it gets installed in the right folder, etc. After you do this, you will be able to start working with this software. Out of the box, without doing anything else, you will have a fully working website. Connecting the proverbial dots is the next big thing, but you don’t need to put in all the bells and whistles of a huge site.

Find A Template (free or paid)

After you install your WordPress software, get a template that works for your niche. You can search for free or paid solutions here, and each one will have their own benefits. Once you find the one you like, go ahead and install it within the dashboard of your site. Once the WordPress installation is in, you can upload a template zip file and start working within all the tools and elements needed to set up a full site.

Start Using Content

After you have a template in place, you can login and update the content that shows up on the website that you have built. This is the easiest thing that you can do after installing this on your web hosting account. WordPress has a lot of simple to follow tutorials if this becomes difficult, but once you get through the installation of the software, uploaded a template, and much more, you’ll end up with a positive solution. When You want to start an mlm blog it is important that your content provides a ton of value for your readers.  It’s all about helping other people.

For Network Marketing

There are several ways that you can turn an install of this type of content management system with network marketing. The easiest example is that of affiliate marketing. When you upload content, put your affiliate link in the content, and that’s it. The next step would be to get traffic to your page and that’s it. But up front, you will need to go through the first 3 steps mentioned above.

WordPress is a simple thing to get to work. You will need a hosting account, however. You will find that most major hosting companies have 1-click installation, so don’t worry about how difficult this may be. It’s not. It’s a simple thing that you can click and get all the information, passwords, and more that you will need to lock down this process for your website. Whether you want a blog or a full scale site, you can get it started with ease.